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Epoxy floor covering for the garage, workspace, mechanical room, and industrial settings such as warehouses or stock rooms:

Epoxy coating is one of the toughest and most durable finishes that can be applied to a floor. There are many epoxy options. From the practical one color epoxy or flaked epoxy to the decorative quartz or metallic finishes epoxy is the top choice for garages or work spaces. Grit can be added to epoxy coating to reduce slip in falls in areas prone to dampness such as garage floors in order to reduce slips and falls to virtually any degree offering the home or business. Finishes include: Solid color, Flake finish of choice, Quartz finish, or Metallic finish.

Decorative Epoxy floor coating for living spaces:

Epoxy coating is a very versatile product. Although extremely durable it is very decorative. This innovative floor finish can be used inside the home as well. Metallic finish is a very unique finish that can be applied over the concrete floor in any room of the house from the basement bar or family room to the Man Cave Metallic finish will open eyes.

Choose from a wide range of Metallic colors and color combinations.

Concrete stain application:

Concrete staining has become a popular choice for concrete finishing throughout the industry. The sky is the limit when it comes to finishing concrete using the various types of stain available on the market today. There is a virtual pallet of possibilities when it comes to staining a surface. Concrete can be stained using a single color, multiple colors can be layered for a unique look, designs or logos can be stenciled onto a floor. Trending design styles such as a “distressed look” can easily be achieved through the use of floor stains.

Concrete or Terrazzo polishing and seal:

If you prefer the clean, beautiful natural appearance to your concrete floor polishing is the procedure for you. You can choose the amount of aggregate along with the level of polish and shine that you desire and turn your dull worn concrete into a beautiful natural stone surface.

Concrete overlay:

Overlay can be completed to virtually any concrete surface and is most often used to repair or change the appearance of outdoor surfaces such as patios or pool surround.

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